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Indian skipper Dhoni’s gloves debate

Indian cricket fans have launched a hashtag campaign #DhoniKeepTheGlove, after the ban from ICC which directed Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni not use gloves with army insignia. As per ICC (International Cricket Council) rule cricketers can’t use equipment and clothing with signs related to political, religious and racial activities. But Dhoni and his fans are adamant to use wicketkeeper gloves with army insignia as an expression of patriotism and respect to Indian army personnel. But some others are criticizing Dhoni and Indian cricket board for drawing politics into cricket.
This is not the first time when Dhoni who is known as a gentleman of Indian cricket team have found himself in a political debate. Few months ago Dhoni supplied military style cap to his team members when more than forty Indian soldiers were killed in an explosion allegedly by fighters fighting for liberation in Indian occupied Kashmir.
India blamed Pakistan for the attack and launched an air strike on Pakistani territory. It was a night time attack. But Pakistan retaliated with day time air strike. After a dogfight in border area, Pakistan captured an Indian pilot and India didn’t dare to launch more air strike. Apparently accepted peace proposal from Pakistan and Pakistan released captured Indian pilot.
Pakistan has always been insisting, politics should not be drawn in sports. But India has been refusing to play against Pakistan and the country don’t allow Pakistani players in their domestic T-20 league, IPL.

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