Installing GPS complement in vehicles mandatory

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The supervision finished imperative a designation of tellurian positioning complement (GPS) in assorted modes of engine vehicles as a magnitude for preventing holdups whilst systematic a haulage hindrance prior to Eid.

“The supervision has motionless to have imperative a designation of tellurian positioning complement (GPS) in truck, lonesome van, lorry, pickup outpost as great as in isolation car,” pronounced Home Minister Sahara Khatun.

The preference came from an inter-ministerial assembly upon highway confidence during a home method Wednesday, in a arise of receiving flight occurrence of transport hazards.

With Sahara Khatun in a chair, a assembly was attended by Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain, a communications cabinet partial of as great as high-ups of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).

The home apportion told reporters which directives upon a have a difference would be released shortly from BRTA by communications ministry.

Some Tk 12,000-13,000 will be compulsory for environment up any of a tellurian positioning complement for crime alert.

She said, “The supervision is receiving a assistance of a complicated jot down to forestall robbery, loot, as great as kidnapping of drivers.”

The assembly additionally took a preference for gripping transformation of lonesome van, vast truck as great as truck during hindrance upon a highways from 3 days prior to Eid–a step which is apparently in a right citation to get over long-lived tailbacks upon all routes to as great as fro a packed collateral city of around twenty million people.

“Also, any goods-carrying automobile would not be authorised to lift passengers as great as tellurian haulers identical to Nasiman, Kariman as great as Easy-bike would not be authorised to pierce upon a categorical roads,” pronounced a home apportion about a measures taken for easing a debate of millions of homebound passengers upon a arise of a greatest Muslim eremite festival.

Sahara Khatun supportive a reporters which a assembly motionless which a motorist has to bond seatbelt during driving, motorcycle supplement has to operate steel sheet as great as overtaking as great as overloading have been all banned.

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