Intimate scenes on TV serials being avoided to prevent spreading of Coronavirus

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Recent Coronavirus outbreak in China has triggered worldwide health emergency. Neighboring countries are blocking their borders with china, stopped or limited air and sea communication with China. Even in some cities Chinese government has advised people to stay at home. People are using facemasks, gloves and disinfectant liquids to prevent spreading.
Other neighboring countries are also concerned. They are taking many measures including usage of facemasks. Neighboring Taiwan is one of those. This country has already seen 18 Coronavirus patients and people are afraid to go outside their homes.
TV actors and actresses are not exception. They are avoiding crowded areas for shooting and interestingly they are avoiding intimate scenes on TV serials. Kissing and other intimate interaction scenes are very common in Taiwanese TV serials. But now instead of long lock lip kiss they are going for ‘light kiss’ to avoid possible infection. Other crews behind the camera are wearing facemask.

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