Is politics inevitably going down the path of violence?

Is politics inevitably going down the path of violence?

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BNP and Awami League are big players in this field. One party has come out on the road overcoming all kinds of obstacles and hindrances. The other side is getting full support and favor from the government. People’s eyes and ears are open. There may be huge differences in their politics, but when it comes to political conduct, they have more similarities than differences. Both the parties are now yearning for power. One party wants to reach power and the other wants to remain in power. Only the one who gets the support of the state machinery will win. If people expect more than this they will be deceived.

What does BNP want? They say they want elections under a non-partisan government. Awami League does not want this. It is as if Awami League never amended the Constitution. The bottom line is that everyone will do what benefits them most. No one is suicidal. And hence there is no possibility of any agreement.

The size of the rallies is not always apparent due to camera angles. Still, one can at least get some idea of ​​how big the rally was or could have been. But the rally could not be held as per the earlier announcement. Even before that there was chaos.

People were alert. Uniformed police were ready with their batons and shields. Then there came a time when the violent explosion could not be stopped. There were chases and retaliation, police beatings, tear gas shells and ultimately what happens in mob violence – arson, vehicles set on fire. Same old script! The rally dispersed even before it started. Hardcore workers and supporters of the party, who had decided to attend the rally, backed out and hence the rally did not go as planned by the BNP. Detailed analysis is being done in this regard.

BNP and police are blaming each other. BNP will once again be tainted with arson and terrorist infamy. The question is why would BNP do this with its eyes open? Even before this, he has been holding big rallies across the country. There was no such hindrance in law and order. why now? Did he do this intentionally? What benefit will they get from this? Or are there other actors involved who are benefiting from dirty water?

There was no peace even in the peace rally of Awami League. A kind of civil war broke out there among themselves. Who instigates such movements? And why?

Amidst all this a policeman lost his life. Then the Sunday strike was announced. Once there is a blockage in movement, it persists for a long time. So who won?

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