Jaya Ahsan’s rooftop garden

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Popular actress Jaya Ahsan has been relatively relaxed and staying at home for the last few months because of the present Covid-19 pandemic situation. She spent this leisure time gardening at her rooftop garden in Eskaton residence at the capital. Not only rooftop, but her balcony is also packed with plants of various fruits and vegetables.

Jaya has a pet dog, she bought some sweet potatoes for it. She once noticed that seedling is coming out of those potatoes and immediately planted those on her balcony garden. She never uses fertilizers. Her garden has various local and foreign fruits & vegetables including eggplants, berry, pomegranate, beans, guava, lemon, and malta. Not only Jaya and her family members but also many of her relatives are consuming fruits and vegetables from her rooftop garden.

Jaya Ahsan likes to get plants as a gift and also brings foreign plants during her foreign tours. It’s been a long break, Jaya Ahsan is expected to restart her busy life from the beginning of next month. After completing shooting for two local films she will go to India for Indian Bengali films.

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