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John Abraham Is All Broken And Bruised

As John Abraham’s muscles got bigger, so did his ego as great as right divided he is feeling a suffering alright. The sharpened of John’s initial bone-fide movement movie ‘Force’ became a vehement float for a Bollywood hunk. He got some-more than his share of injuries during most attempt sequences, all of them accomplished by John himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t pointer a movie, he is that stubborn. And now, a doctors counted 282 buises, 7 damaged skeleton as great as vast scratches John endured during a fire of ‘Force’.
The movement thriller is destined by Nishikanth Kamath, as great as by a previews, there have been a small hair-raising as great as fist-pumping movement sequences where John Abraham will be seen identical to never before. He beats a crap out of his nemesis identical to implausible Hulk as great as pumps his triceps after each 6 seconds. John plays a patrolman in ‘Force’ that is reconstitute of a strike Tamil movie ‘Kaakha Kaakha’ destined by Gautam Menon.
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