Kangalini Sufiya comes back in TV drama

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Kangalini SufiaVeteran Bangladeshi folk singer Kangalini Sufiya acted in a drama titled as ‘Deyal’ in 21 years ago. She is going to come back again in drama after a long break. The drama she is going to act is ‘Nona joler Golpo’. The name of the director of this drama is Sajjad Rahman.

She will be seen as a folk artist character in the upcoming drama who beg through singing. She only has a grand child named Nupur. Nupur lost her mother in very early life. After then, Nupur;s grand mom is the only person to take care herself. Once, village leader proposed young Nupur to marry. Kangalini sells out her big tree to hand over her grand child to village leader. But, in the night of marriage day, Kangalini dies. After her departure, Nupur becomes victim of lot of conspiracy by the said village leader.

Kangalini said, I did this shooting at a place named ‘Ulukhola’ near Dhaka for this drama. It was good feeling to act after long period of time. There is some similarities between this drama and my life story. So, I felt good to act here.

The director of ‘Nona Joler Golpo’ Sajjad Rahman said, “this drama has been made on the basis of her popular song, ‘Buri hoilam tor karone’. Kangalini Sufiya has acted as the central character of the drama.

This drama will be broadcasted in BTV on 11th April 9.0 PM.

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