Large rail stations will have access control fencing soon

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Rail station area and platforms have never been friendly to passengers. During the rush hours, rail stations become so crowded that women, children, and elderly people find it very difficult to move. Many are not railway passengers. There are strollers, some simply spend time there. Many people travel without tickets.

Platform is another problem. In most of the stations, platforms are much lower than train height. So children and patients find it very difficult to ride on train coaches.

While rail is a cheap, efficient, and environment friendly mode of transportation, it could be a solution to overwhelming traffic jams in the capital. But presently only two parallel tracks have connected Dhaka station to Joydebpur station which is even not enough for intercity trains connecting Dhaka to different cities and towns of the country.

Railway minister Mohammad Nurul Islam visited three railway stations on a special train yesterday. He said platform height will be adjusted with train height soon. A project is already going on in Airport railway station. There will be access control fencing around large rail stations. Rail tracks will also have fencing which will be removed just before the arrival and departure of trains. So unwanted people will not be able to come inside the station area.

The rail minister also said a project is going on to build more railway tracks. Instead of present two, there will be four parallel tracks from Dhaka to Tongi and there will be two tracks from Tongi to Joydebpur instead of present one. So there will be many more trains from Dhaka station connecting the outskirts of Dhaka. It will ease pressure on road communication. Moreover, there will be double line from Joydebpur to Ishurdi and Joydebpur to Jamalpur. Rail minister also informed that because of the present pandemic situation railway will not increase trains during the upcoming Eid holidays.

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