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Taslima NasrinMuch talked person Taslima Nasrin recently wrote a letter to Bangladesh Prime minister begging the permission to comeback to Bangladesh after 15 years. She is living away from Bangladesh for last one and half decade. The letter has been published in a Dhaka based Bengali newspaper. This is the translated version of that letter.

Honorable prime minister

Sheikh hasina Wajed


I am welcoming you cordially. I can guess how much fight, confidence and reliability you have to spend to achieve the victory. As a woman I know how difficult it is to walk as a woman. I know how much fight a woman has to sacrifice to prove her. As you done this, I feel proud of you. You have proved your huge courage and honesty by appointing women in some important ministry. You have strengthened the women’s run for many years. Your contribution on this matter is historical.

I have been bound to live lonely life abroad for last 15 years. I am just running one country to another like parentless child. As I don’t have the government permission so no high commission renew my passport. Europe gives no visa required on Bangladeshi immigrants. But I don’t even get that. What sort of fault have I done as I have to live relative less, friendless and miserable life at abroad? There will no place for in my homeland. Is it for only reason as a certain reckless people are not agreed with me?  There will be different minded people. It is natural. It is hard for me to believe for me that I can’t live because of protecting some terrorist fundamentalist in secularist and democratic country like Bangladesh. The things I have written and told so far is for the sake of humanity and freedom of thinking. The people who believe in equality and freedom of speech, they also confess the independent thinking as a fundamental rights for the sake of equality. You have also been attacked by the fundamentalist. You are living with a lot of risk avoiding every kind of risk and threats. I am a small person. Many people may not be still in the world or may not be still engaged with fundamentalism that did rally against me 15 years ago. If you permit me I may come back to my country. I could live disturb less life in my homeland. If my citizen rights are refused and don’t permit me to come back I might consider myself to suicide for the frustration and pain.

Taslima Nasrin
Taslima Nasrin

As you and millions of people respect your father, I also respect him. I also used to respect my father. When he was at the bed of die I applied to the government to see him for the last time. But the government refused me. He got a lot of pain before dieing. I could not get any opportunity to take care him. I wrote the book ‘amar meyebela’ presenting the contribution of your father and the visualization of my youth memory. This book has been praised in many countries. I got literature award from different countries. I don’t know why you band this book. You considered it as pornography. But I respectfully tell you that it is not pornography. I tried to portray the real scenery how the ferocious people come to smash a helpless girl. It happens often in our society. I just wanted to paint the scenario in my two paragraphs. It was about a girl who sees the famine, war and woman violence in the period of maturing. She wants a well society, she dreams of a beautiful society. The story about this girl doesn’t seem harmful for the society to me.

My lonely life in abroad is getting insensible day by day. It is impossible for a Bengali writer to live abroad who only earns by writing. Living abroad not only harmed my writing but I also became mentally and financially disrupted. The huge amount of my father’s asset is grabbed by my two brothers. I fought for the equal rights for long time. But even in my family my two brothers has broken the national rules by keeping us far from the assets. I don’t have anything to do unless seeing this illegal work from sitting abroad. I also lost whatever else I had. I am a died person to them (brothers). What sort of fault have I done as I am to become died person in my own country. Your step for the woman rights give me hope.It appreciates me to protest for legacy. You are fighting intolerantly against the fundamentalists. The progressive people have stood with you. If I can’t come back now, it might not be possible for ever in my life. I am expecting and expecting deeply, you will allow me to come back; you will give me security and allow me to live.

Keep well. Regards to you.

Taslima Nasrin.

Source: A.S, 19th October, 2009

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