Local business men are opposing transit to India

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Auto Re-rolling and Steel Mills’ Association, Bangladesh Steel Mill Owners’ Association, and Bangladesh Re-rolling Mills’ Association leaders are furious over the transit issue. They say, they have been exporting their products to seven north eastern states of India in spite of tariff and non tariff and non tariff barrier in Indian market. But the government’s new move to allow India for charge free transit will demolish local industry. The Indian mainland industries are already a threat to local industries.

Local industries are already facing difficulties due to severe energy shortage in the country. They have the capacity of 80 lakh tone, but they are producing only 40 lakh tone. 10 Lakh tone is exported to seven Indian states every year. The association leaders are arguing that if the damage on infrastructure due to transportation of Indian goods and loss of local industries are calculated transit will not be proved as a wise decision.

The association leaders are also alleging that the government didn’t negotiated with the Indian counterpart on duty free access of Bangladesh steel products. They are demanding and immediate halt of transit. They are also threatening to go for movement.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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