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Lux-Channel i superstars contest enters final stage

12-_DSC0005The Lux-Channel i Superstars 2014 campaign is drawing to a close as the top five contenders got the nod from the judges. It’s only a matter of time before we have this year’s Face of Lux. Dhaka Tribune caught up with the contenders – Nazifa, Supriya, Nadia, Neela and Prema – who shared their enthusiasm for having made it into the final five.

Nazifa said, “In the early days of the campaign, my performance was average, but I was spurred on by the compliments of the judges and regained my confidence.” Supriya said she wasn’t sure of her acting capability initially, but then, while performing in a remake of the cult family drama series “Aaj Robibar,” discovered that she could actually act.

Nadia, who portrayed the role of Konka in the remake, said, “I was praised for my performance in the TVC round, which really inspired me. I want to peruse a career in modeling now.” Neela is all praise for the campaign which is where, she said, she “passed the best time of my life.”

One of the fundamental parts of the campaign is the grooming session, where the contenders are trained to perform and shed their inhibitions. So how did the session help the Final Five? Nadia said it was very helpful because the contenders received lessons from the best mentors in the industry, simultaneously in acting, modeling and dancing.

Prema, whose role model is Angelina Jolie, said, “The session will not only help us survive in industry in future but also in our everyday life. If one of us does not want to pursue a career in the media, then she will get help in any profession of her choosing.” Nazifa thinks it’s better to have training before entering the media.

Supriya, who was trained as a dancer in her childhood, said she wants to make a career in dancing as well as in modeling and acting. Nadia prefers modeling but enjoys acting also, but she said she wants to receive further training. Neela also wants to peruse a career in modeling and acting.

This year, the campaign introduced some interesting sessions including underwater photo shoot and carnival photo shoot. In this regard, Nadia said, “I did not know how to swim, so during the underwater photo shoot, I would stay longer than usual in the pool, which made the director say, ‘Hey girl! Come on, are you going to stay there forever? You seem fit for a mermaid film!’”


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