Malaika blasphemy against

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Malaika Arora Khan. The carrier has already started performing at open’re in pretty sound.
Bollywood item song in particular with great performance, he reached a different altitude. To the ‘flood flood’ and ‘Munni Badnaam’ item song titled milestone established in two Bollywood darsakapriyatara. It is a continuation of the more than one item song found malaikake openly. Is considered as the top item girl in Bollywood. The new news was recently charged with a ka-boom Malaika abamananaya religion. A five star hotel in Mumbai, the show was performed before kadina said. Nambaragulotei nurture your items there. However, ‘Munni Badnam’ while performing the song ‘Om Shanti’ was performed in the open after writing a short gown. And therein is the rub there. Mumbai police recently made ​​a complaint against the bhidiotisaha Malaika Ram Kumar Sharma, a young Hindu. He says his charges, ‘Om Shanti’ a holy name. Dancing naked in the Hindu religion namasambalita dress Malaika has contempt. And so have his indictment. We want proper punishment. Malaika has left quite embarrassed about it. Because he did not have before faced such allegations. Malaika says the defense, it’s absolutely ridiculous complaint. Because a lot of the shots we use namasambalita clothing. It is all in our heart. So what is wrong in the course of performing the namasambalita dress. I’m ready for a legal fight.

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