Malaysian labor market faces closure again due to syndication - Latest News

Malaysian labor market faces closure again due to syndication – Latest News

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A company called Synerflex got the online job of recruiting workers in Malaysia in 2016.

Dato Seri Abdul bin Amin Nor, a Malaysian citizen of Bangladeshi origin, is the owner of this organization. With their support, a syndicate consisting of 10 agencies was formed. Although it cost 33,375 taka to send a worker, a migrant had to spend 200,000-350,000 taka to go to Malaysia. The syndicate earned approximately 55 billion taka in two years. Malaysia's Dato Amin supported the creation of the syndicate. After a long period of closure, the labor market suffered the same fate due to the illegal business of the same syndicates.

Two officials of the Bangladesh High Commission in Malaysia, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that about 200,0000 Bangladeshis are unemployed and are living inhuman lives. Many people are coming to the embassy for help. Tears are not being controlled after seeing the suffering of the people. However, the embassy has nothing to do with it. Due to one fourth the workers have to face such a sad situation.

There is a Facebook group of workers called 'MalaysiaExpat Bangladesh'. They regularly express their pain on Facebook. Suresh Sagor wrote on Tuesday, “Any brother can give me a job, I am in trouble.” “A man has come to Malaysia and can't find any job. It would be helpful for him if he gets a job,” Masoom Ahmad Russell wrote on Wednesday.

Bangladesh Civil Society for Migrants, a forum of 23 organizations working for migrants, issued a statement on Wednesday demanding that those responsible for closing the labor market be punished. The statement said that the recruitment agencies, Malaysian government and firms concerned will be brought to justice.

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