Male bodybuilders also bully female bodybuilders

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It was December last year when 19 years old Ahona Rahman emerged as champion in the first-ever female bodybuilding competition in Bangladesh. Initially, she was shy and reluctant to participate in the competition. But her brother inspired to participate and said, she will win this championship.

This competition was held at the National Sports Council Auditorium where Ahona Rahman became champion by beating 29 other contestants.

Organizing female bodybuilding competition in a conservative country like Bangladesh was never easy. Usually, revealing outfits like bikinis are seen in international competitions. But instead of revealing outfits, the organizers opted for fully covered skintight outfits for female bodybuilders. It was to create awareness among women about a healthy lifestyle.

After a recent interview with a private television, many male bodybuilders posted vulgar comments on social media. Some said, as it is bodybuilding competition, participants should show their bodies. Ahona must wear bikinis. Many even commented, Bangladeshi women shouldn’t wear this type of figure-hugging dress.

Ahonoa Rahman complained to the general secretary of Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation. She said, if I do not protest, this type of harassment will continue and girls will not be interested to participate in bodybuilding competitions anymore.

General Secretary has said that he has discussed the matter with male bodybuilders and they promised not to comment on female bodybuilder’s dress anymore.

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