"Media has an important role in the upcoming elections in Bangladesh"

“Media has an important role in the upcoming elections in Bangladesh”

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Muniruzzaman pointed out the importance of media in a democratic society, especially in the case of Bangladesh where national elections are not far away, media will play a major role.

In such a situation, overcoming the challenges of media freedom in a democratic society is an important issue.

Ayesha Kabir emphasized that in a country where the Parliament is not very strong, the media plays a very important role in making the voice of the people heard.

In the context of Bangladesh, he said, the media’s active role is essential but it often faces obstruction by political entities, corporate or even foreign entities, which must be avoided to ensure a vibrant democratic society.

According to Shaharyar Firoz, the responsibility of the media is to ensure meaningful participation of the people in a democracy.

But the challenges and restrictions that the media has to face from the government and other institutions have an adverse effect, which is a threat to a democratic society, he said.

In response to a question on how the media influences people’s decision-making, Ayesha Kabir highlighted that the information and analysis provided by the media largely informs people about what is happening around them. Is.

But in this case social media plays both a positive and a negative role, he added.

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