Meherjaan is being appreciated in the international arena.

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Though the film Meherjan heavily criticized in home, the film is equally getting appreciation in the international arena.

The film is based on the story of love between a Bangladeshi (then east Pakistani) young women and a soldier of Pakistan army who is from West Pakistan. Bangladesh’s liberation war in 1971 was also an ethnic war between Urdu and Bengali speaking people.

But the heroine Meherjan and the soldier fall in love. This was criticized by the intellectual community in Bangladesh as a consequence of this commercial show of the film in Bangladesh is stopped.

It is alleged that this film trying to bring sympathy to those Pakistani soldiers who torched houses of innocent people, killed three million people and raped nearly two hundred thousand women.

But the director Rubaiyat Hossain insisted that she tried to uplift the humanity and she is not the first who made film on this type of story.

The story of the film also has the background of the partition in 1947.

This film is participating in international film festivals one after another, this film got nomination on two categories in ‘action on film’ festival at California. There it was nominated as second best film; the director won the best woman director prize.

This film is also invited to participate in American film festival at Michigan on next November; it will also participate on South Asian film festival in next September.

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