Meta title: Putin says he won't renew grain deal unless West meets his demands

Meta title: Putin says he won’t renew grain deal unless West meets his demands

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Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Monday urged Moscow to return to the agreement, insisting that “Russia has no legal and political grounds for withdrawing from the agreement.”

Monday’s talks took place against the backdrop of Ukraine’s recent retaliatory offensive against the Kremlin’s invading forces.

In the latest development, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov would be replaced this week. The job requires a “new approach,” Zelensky said, without elaborating. Reznikov published a photo of his resignation letter on Monday.

Putin and Erdogan – authoritarian leaders who have both been in power for more than two decades – are said to have a close relationship, which developed in the wake of a failed coup against Erdogan in 2016 when Putin offered his support. Wale was the first prominent leader.

The Turkish president has maintained them during the 18-month war in Ukraine. Turkey has not been involved in Western sanctions against Russia following its invasion, emerging as a key trading partner and logistics hub for Russia’s foreign trade.

NATO member Turkey has also supported Ukraine, sent arms, met with Zelensky and supported Kiev’s bid to join the Western alliance.

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