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More than hundred movie theaters have been shut down in last one year

During the sixties and seventies movie theaters have played a major role in rural and urban entertainment. This trend more or less continued till early nineties. Then quality of local cinemas dropped, people got better alternatives for entertainment. So cinema halls started to struggle. In recent years, piracy has been another concern. Critics also blame directors, performers and storywriters because they have failed to deliver quality cinema.
So movie theaters started to suffer loss and many of them including some historic cinema halls like Gulistan cinema halls are shut down. Many young men and women don’t even know where the famous Gulistan cinema hall was. Even in the beginning of 90’s, the country had more than 1,400 cinema halls and now it has only about 200 halls.
Even most popular movies can’t attract people to halls for more than three days. Though cinema halls are facing financial crisis, some modern Cineplex’s with digital technology are built in recent years. Cinema lovers are liking this new technology and many hall owners are building new Cineplex’s.

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