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Mosharraf karim rejects national film award

Popular actor K M Mosharraf Hossain widely known as Mosharraf Karim has rejected most prestigious film award in Bangladesh, Nation Film Award. He was selected by jury board for ‘best comic actor’ category for his role in the film ‘Komola Rocket’. But in a Facebook post Mosharraf Karim mentioned he can’t accept the award and requested the jury board to withdraw his award. Mosharraf Karim mentioned that his role in the film was not a comedy role. This actor also said, he never underestimates comedy characters and has full respect to comedy characters. But everyone should be aware of the fact that his character in the film was one of the main characters.
The film Komola Rocket was released in 2018 and was highly appreciated in various film festivals in different countries. Komola Rocket is the name of a steamer which represents Bangladesh.
Not only Mosharraf Karim but also many film lovers who have watched the film have criticized the jury board decision. They said, Mosharraf Karim’s role in the film was not comedic role at all. It was one of the main characters in the film.

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