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Moushumi sings for film again

MoushumiMost of us know Moushumi as an actress. She started her career with film but now acts for television dramas also. Recently she has recorded a song with her own voice for upcoming film Katatar where she will be seen as an actress also. This is not for the first time Moushumi sang for film, she sang for several films before.

Moushumi is not a regular singer but she is continuing song practice from her childhood. Her latest song, Ki Je Shunno Shunno Lage Tumihina is written by Zahid Akbar and composed by Arfin Rumi. Director of the upcoming film Mustafa Kamal Raz requested Moushumi for the song.

Moushumi also sang another song Mon Ja Bole Boluk for the same director back in 2012 and that was highly appreciated. Moushumi is a writer also she enjoys featured writing, song writing and poem writing. She started writing from her childhood.

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