MPs demanding impeachment of two high court justices

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According to Montesquieu’s theory, political power should be divided into three divisions, legislative, executive and judiciary. These three divisions will perform their duty independently.

Now the controversial ruling by speaker of the parliament has become a prestige issue for the judiciary and the executive.
The debate was started when the speaker of the parliament criticized the judiciary and in response to that the high court warned the speaker that allegation of contempt of court may be brought against the speaker.

This infuriated the MPs and they said the parliament has immunity according to the constitution and the parliament should retake the power of impeaching the judges.

Speaker tried to bring an end of this matter by his ruling, where he again criticized the justice.

Few days ago another bench of high court said that ruling by speaker is ineffective. The government decided to appeal against the latest move by high court. The hearing of this appeal is due after the vacation.

Some MPs of parliament demanded the impeachment of those justices from first day of current session. According the constitution, the parliament can’t impeach judges. A supreme judicial council is needed to impeach any judge.

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