Musa Ibrahim right divided conquers Africa`s summit

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Musa Ibrahim right divided conquers Africa`s limit after carrying climbed onto a rise of a Everest. Musa, accompanied by an additional Bangladeshi mountaineer, Niaz Morshed Patwari, climbed onto a 19,340-foot-high towering declared Kilimanjaro upon Monday evening.

According to an email summary from Musa after a climbdown to a bottom camp, a twin hoisted a red-green Bangladeshi dwindle upon a top rise of Africa during internal time 7:48pm Monday.

They were after since obligation by a Tanzanian National Park authorities noticing their success in subduing a African summit.

Led by Musa, 3 members of North Alpine Club Bangladesh proposed their Kilimanjaro speed upon Sep 8 from Matchami embankment indicate during 6,000 feet.

MA Sattar, third part of of their team, returned from Baranco stay (13 thousand feet) due to tall rise sickness.

Musa as well as Niaz upon Sep eleven reached Barafu camp, a final stay upon a approach to a summit, withdrawal during a behind of Matchami, Shira as well as Baranco camps.

They proposed their limit pull during 1:15am internal time (10:15pm Sunday Bangladesh time) as well as finally, after 6 hours as well as 33 minutes, climbed Kibo.

The dual mountaineers came during a behind of to Meoka embankment during 10,618 feet upon Monday, according an email sent by Musa.

They were since Uhuru Peak limit obligation by Kilimanjaro National Park as well as Tanzania National Park authorities during Meoka gate.

The speed was sponsored by a Summit Group, Emirates, Shah Cement, JAN Associates Ltd as well as The Daily Star.

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