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New measures to stabilize stock market

The government is going to take some measures to stabilize the stock market. These include lowering margin loan interests. Increase the time limit of loan repayment. Expatriate Bangladeshis now have to pay 10 percent tax on the profit from share-market investment, this may be withdrawn.

Recently the stock market had a great fall and caused small investors a lot of trouble. Almost all the share prices got to lower strata. Though for the last two days the price was in an upward trend the average participation is still low.

Currently institutional investors have to pay a 10 percent tax on the profit from the secondary market. This may be lifted by the NBR (The National Board of Revenue).

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had an emergency meeting with the SEC and other stakeholders to take various measures to make the market stable. After that the market had started to show an upward trend for the last two operational days.

More announcements may be made on Sunday or on Monday.

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