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No change in railway service in spite of reform project

railwayRailway was popular in Bangladesh for its safety record and cheaper travel cost. It is also an environment friendly mode of communication compared to road transportation. Because a train can carry more passenger and goods compared to buses and trucks. It consumes much less fuel than the total fuel consumption of buses required carrying passenger equal to a train. Thus a train emits less carbon dioxide in air.

But railway has been a neglected sector for many years. Road network of the country have been extended but rail network almost remained the same.

Twenty five thousand one hundred and twenty five lakh taka reform project was initiated in 2006. The project included computerization of financial, fixed asset, procurement, workshop, human resources, etc. But only fifty percent of the project work is finished. The project was supposed to be finished by this year. Now railway has extended it for more two years. This project is aimed on commercial operation. It will not bring noticeable change in passenger service. More reform project is needed says an official.

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