No more intimate scene on Bollywood films

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Life will never be like before the life of Covid-19 outbreak. Perhaps it’s another example that Bollywood film industry is changing shooting style to maintain social distancing. Intimate scene like hugging and kissing became common in modern Indian films. As this can spread coronavirus, these types of scenes will be avoided now.
Web series, television serials, cinemas, every type of shooting is postponed. After a meeting of Cine and TV Artist Association and Federation of Western India Cine Employees, it is known that there may be some regulations regarding shooting. Indian government may also impose some restrictions.
Intimate scenes and kissing may be banned. Other rules may include, performers have to complete dressing and makeup from home, number of shooting crews should be as low as possible, there should be doctor and nurse at shooting spot, whole shooting area must be sanitized, body temperature of all shooting crews and performers must be monitored, everyone will be allocated four masks for twelve hour shooting, there must be health insurance for everyone and no one above sixty years of age will be called for next three months.

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