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No suit-tie on summer

The weather of Bangladesh between March and November is very hot and humid. Fan and air conditioner is necessary. Especially many offices of modern days don’t have enough openings. So here air conditioner is a must.

Few hundred years ago when the English officials ruled the region they also found it difficult to cope with the local weather. They were used to wear western style tight dresses in England. They didn’t want to wear the local dresses. In fact still many foreigners complainants hot and humid weather is one of the severe problems they face here.
But the local officials like to wear dresses like the westerns. So they keep the temperature of the air conditioners very low in this hot weather.

The country is facing severe power shortage for few years. In this situation the authority has asked the male officials not to wear suit and tie between March to November, except formal occasions, instead of these they are advised to wear trouser short sleeved shirts. The authority has also asked not to keep air conditioner temperature below 25 degree centigrade, because below 25 degree centigrade air conditioners consume too much electricity.

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