Noakhali sundalapure Gas Matches

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The gas has to prove the existence of Noakhali kompaniganjera sundalapure bapeksa. The experimental uttolanao.

Wednesday morning at 9, the gas from the gas field has been hoisted to the Stories sundalapura oil – mining project director Abdul Halim gas cavity search.

Gas, oil and gas explorer in the field sundalapura Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (bapeksa) in a project.

Halim said the 1 400 meters above ground – below the level of gas and gas is found.

The low depth of 500 meters from the surface before 1 Habiganj gas field – a gas found below the level, he said.

Halim said, “and more experimental work on gas uttolanera two – three days to run. The test gas pressure and gas reserves amount to be known about.”

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