Not cheerleader, a prostitute in fact!

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There are many rumors about showbiz industries in home and abroad. It seems sometimes these have some grounds. Now all of us are used to cheerleader culture in shorter version of cricket, ‘twenty twenty’.

Cheerleaders were brought for entertainment and make cricket more glamorous. Not all were happy with this.

In India Pune police has arrested a twenty year old woman Sana Manish Chirawala from a hotel, who was a cheerleader in Indian twenty twenty premiere cricket league, IPL. Sana Manish Chirawala’s local agent is also arrested. Police also arrested four others, but they were released later.

Sana Manish Chirawala was attached with an IPL team which was owned by a Bollywood star. She earned hundred and fifty thousand rupees per customers in every night. Police said they have found some indications from her mobile phone that she also visited some other countries for prostitution. Police has registered a case under Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act. Police also registered a case against hotel management for carrying immoral activities in hotel premises.

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