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Now an American woman married a Zombie doll and celebrates marriage ceremony

An American woman Felicity Cadlek @ the age of twenty years old receives a life partner through marriage. But here the life partner was a Zombie doll instead of human. Yes, it’s true. Felicity Cadlek said her husband I mean the horror doll’s name Kelly Rosy and claims it was 37 years old. The American woman marries to the zombie doll in front of other dolls. She declares, now she is fulfilled in her personal life. She is very much happy also.
For this purpose, Felicity arranges a marriage ceremony which held at her own house nearby roads Iceland in the USA. She expends 500 dollars as marriage expenses. In these costs were her dress, Kelly’s soot & outdoor decoration. Felicity Cadlek’s four family friends and another eight friend dolls were present the marriage ceremony. Now Felicity is living at Oklahoma, Vinita.
Felicity Cadlek’s told with jolly that Kelly gives him a new life. They come to more closely and increase their understanding. According to the lady, the marriage with Kelly was perfect. In the marriage ceremony Kelly wear soot and he was very comfortable. She also said my relation with Kelly for four years and we are become safe by this marriage.
Felicity Cadlek gets the doll Kelly four years ago as a gift from her father. Father saw Felicity was affected by horror films and zombie dolls. For this, he gave a zombie doll as a gift. Felicity Cadlek’s father died one year ago after that Felicity becomes closed to Kelly day by day. Kelly gave him a proper company instead of the father.

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