Nude female student in young lecturer’s, almira

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Islamic UniversityA nude female student was found in the almira of a young professor of Finance and Banking department of Islamic University. Sabira Sultaana Putul was the student if same department.

Witness said, Sabira Sultana Putul of Finance and Banking entered into the home of professor Abdul Halim of same department on Tuesday afternoon in front of city college in Jhinaydoho. Few minutes later, group of local youths knocked on the door of the house. After long time Abdul Halim opened the door. At the meantime they want to know about the girl who entered into the home. But he rejected the matter. Then they involved in quarrel. At the meantime, they heard a sound from almira when they hurt on almira. Putul went out from almira mostly nude when they opened the almira. Then the local youths slap the teacher and the student. Few minutes later, Sajjad Hossain of statistics department and the private secretary of VC come t the spot and sent the girl to campus. The local youth, Asraful Islam said, Sabina went to the proffesor’s home frequently. She also entered to his home on Tuesday at about 5 am. After half hour the local youth found her in the almira.

Sabira Sultana refused the matter when asked. But he was silent after giving all  evidence.



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