Paddy progressing fast in Gaibandha

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Harvesting of all varieties of short duration paddy is progressing fast in all the seven upazilas in the district during the current season amid much enthusiasm to the growers.

Official sources said a total of 4541 hectares of land were brought under various varieties of short duration paddy cultivation programme this year.

Of those, BINA-7 was cultivated on 2220 hectares of land, BRRI Dhan-39 on 1245 hectares, BRRI Dhan-33 on 1060 hectares and BU-1 on 16 hectares of the district, the sources said.

The growers are passing their busy time in cutting the paddy on the land and post harvesting related works in their respective houses with a festive mood as they are getting desired production and fair prices of the crop.

The paddy has also created working opportunities among the
farm day laborers of the district during the lean period.

The harvesting of the paddy was going on and it would be
completed very soon, said an official of DAE.

Talking to the BSS, deputy director of DAE M. Qurban Ali
said the farmers were urged to cultivate the varieties of short
duration paddy on large scale to change the socio economic
condition of the growers and create working opportunities to the
farm day labors in the month of Ashwin and Kartik of Bangla year
when the monga visits here.

The varieties could be harvested with in 114 days from the
sowing of seeds and about 30 to 45 days ahead of the normal
harvesting period of other T-Aman paddy, he also said.


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