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Pedestrians not regulating footbridges to be fined

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s traffic multiplication is starting to launch a expostulate from subsequent week to slap excellent upon pedestrians who would not operate footbridges, contend traffic officials.

The emissary supervision central of traffic south, Mohammad Akram Hossain, told New Age they would proceed a expostulate to have people wakeful of traffic manners as great as be a cause of them to operate footbridges for protected highway use.

Officials of a traffic pronounced most people were found reluctant to operate footbridges for assorted reasons.

Akram Hossain pronounced which any month a single or dual persons died in traffic accidents whilst channel roads.

‘In sequence to equivocate such accidents, you will levy a excellent of Tk 5 any upon persons who would try to cranky roads which have a footbridge,’ he said.

The DC traffic pronounced a excellent was not important, a initiatives directed during creation people wakeful of protected highway use.

He additionally pronounced a latest initiatives of a DMP for creation imperative fixture of chair belts by people pushing or sitting in front of all equipped with a motor vehicles had been ‘successful as they have accepted a utility.’

‘Most of a people pushing vehicles right divided bind their chair belts as great as everyone has chair belts in their vehicles,’ he said. ‘So, if there have been footbridges as great as you try to convince pedestrians to operate them, there is no reason they would not do so.’

Traffic officials pronounced most pedestrians refused to operate footbridges as a little of these were lonesome with signboards where infrequently they risk using in to muggers.

The DC traffic pronounced they were additionally wakeful of a problems as great as for which reason a expostulate would be carried out customarily in daytime as great as not during night.

According to a Dhaka City Corporation, there have been 51 footbridges in a city nonetheless most of them sojourn unused.


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