People are becoming intolerant, murders are increasing

People are becoming intolerant, murders are increasing

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A report by human rights organisation, Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK), said that in three months (January to March), three women were murdered after being raped, while five women were murdered by torture for dowry. Has been. Apart from this, 23 people have been killed in political violence. A total of 35 people have died in jail custody while 17 people have died in mob lynching.

Tawohidul Haq, associate professor at Dhaka University's Institute of Social Welfare and Research, told Prothom Alo that the recent killings reflect the ongoing weakening of social ties within society.

People are getting angry due to small reasons and not only hurting, killing or causing psychological pain to others, they are also snatching away their rights. He said that today people are very much influenced by personal interests and motives rather than appreciating the scope and importance of human relationships.

Tawohidul also said, while the issues can be resolved through mutual harmony and social brotherhood, an atmosphere of terror is being created through killing, unrest, attacks, lawsuits etc., which is unhealthy and terrible for all. Is.

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