Photo muster during RU imprinting Hiroshima as great as Nagasaki Day

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To symbol Hiroshima as great as Nagasaki Day, a daylong print muster was hold during Rajshahi University (RU) campus upon Aug 6.

Chhatra Union’s Rajshahi University section organized a muster to symbol a initial atomic bombings upon a Japanese cities of Hiroshima as great as Nagasaki upon Aug 6 as great as 9, 1945 respectively by a US.

Over 100 photographs as great as cartoons featuring a dump wrought by a US atomic bombing of a Japanese cities during World War II have been upon arrangement during a exhibition.

At a initial event of a exhibition, speakers focused upon a heartless dump of a identical tiwn cities during a Second World War as great as emphasised a need to safeguard a pacific world.

Rafi Ahmed Chanchal, boss of RU Chhatra Union unit; ubiquitous cabinet partial of Shipon Ahmed as great as Shihab Ishtiak Soikot, Halima Sadia, Bipro Roy, Abu Sufian Bokhsi, Khomeni Khademul of Chhatra kinship addressed a initial session.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Gono Shilpi Sangstha’s RU section brought out an anti-war way upon a campus.

A convene was brought in front of a university senior manager living room as great as a one-minute overpower was celebrated in observance of a martyrs of Hiroshima as great as Nagasaki.

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