PM addresses nation today

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address the nation at 7:30pm today on behalf of the completion of two years of the Awami League-led grand alliance government.

She is expected to highlight the successes and the government initiatives during the period

Discussion on electoral pledges and how it is dealing with them may be in her speech

She will also mention the current political situation and how the government is moving forward, With a vision for change and building a digital Bangladesh by 2021, the grand alliance government started its journey on January 6, 2009, after its landslide victory in December 2008 elections.

The prime minister may iterate the economic progress the country has made with increasing exports and compare those with the previous BNP-Jamaat coalition government.

She may also cite the increased foreign investment, remittance from Bangladeshi workers, foreign currency reserve, import, tax collection, among others.

The prime minister may inform the countrymen about the government’s initiatives for infrastructure development, achievements in the communications sector, resolving housing crisis, renovating river ports, protecting environment, strengthening parliament and local government and passing of acts in the parliament.

She may refer to her government’s initiatives in agriculture sector, tackling price hike of essentials, resolving power and gas crisis, increased recruitment in police and other law enforcement agencies, right to information act, facilities for freedom fighters, education policy, text book distribution, women, children and youth development, examination results through online and SMS, different kinds of allowances to reduce poverty, health care facilities and successes in games.

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