PM Hasina to increase purchasing power of people, expand domestic market

PM Hasina to increase purchasing power of people, expand domestic market

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Referring to Bangladesh’s good geographical position, he said, “We can communicate with East, West, North and South.”

Taking this opportunity, “we can produce, trade, export our products and develop our service areas and bring in tourists. Huge opportunities lie ahead of us,” she said.

“Really we want to build our country,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina, however, asked the businessmen and industrialists to at least pay the cost of production or purchase cost of electricity and gas if they want to take advantage of uninterrupted supply of both these commodities.

“If you want uninterrupted power and gas, you have to pay the cost of production or at least the cost of purchase,” he said. Till when will we give subsidy?

Sheikh Hasina said that the government cannot give huge subsidies in electricity and gas for an unlimited period coming from the public pocket.

He said, ‘We cannot give such a huge amount of public money as subsidy. That’s why traders and industrialists have to pay attention to this matter.

Mentioning that infrastructure is indispensable for businesses, he said the government is developing all communication systems such as road, water, rail and air.

He said, earlier in the first term of the Awami League government, they completed Chattogram and Sylhet International Airports and now Cox’s Bazar Airport is being constructed as per modern and international standards.

In addition, the construction of the third terminal of the Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport (HSIA) in Dhaka is progressing at a fast pace.

Sheikh Hasina requested everyone to see the picture of HSIA before 1996, how it was and then see its development.

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