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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today underlined the need for concerted efforts of the world community to protect endangered tiger population that are facing extinction due to influence of global warming.

“Tigers along with human beings especially in the most vulnerable countries (MVCs) of climate change are facing extinction due to poverty, hunger, natural disaster and global warming,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing a joint press conference after the High Level Plenary Session of the International Summit on the “Preservation of Tigers” at Media room of Constantinovsky Palace here this afternoon.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Nepalese Premier Madhav Kumar Nepal, Laos Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh and World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick also spoke at the press conference.

Laying emphasis on taking concerted efforts to protect Royal Bengal Tiger in the world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans, she said it would be impossible to keep the Sundarbans alive if we cannot protect the endangered cat species there. “If we cannot save Sundarbans, Bangladesh would be destroyed due to natural calamities like floods, tidal surges and cyclones,” she added.

The Prime Minister said that she is hopeful after attending the global tiger summit that the world community will stand beside Bangladesh to protect its mangrove forest and all endangered animals, including Royal Bengal Tigers.

She thanked the Russian Prime Minister Putin for organising such important summit to protect tiger population for the ecology in the eventual interest of human existence on the earth.

ST PETERSBURG, Russia, Nov 23 (BSS)

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