Police & RMG workers clash: 50 hurt

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Garment-workers and policemen clashed at Nawjor and Kaliakair in Gazipur on Saturday. At least 50 people, including 17 policemen, were injured in that clash.

Diganta Garments workers had clashed with police at about 9:00am. They went out on demonstrations on a 3km stretch of the Dhaka–Tangail Highway, blocking the road for more than an hour and creating congestion on the bypass

Several thousand workers at about 8:45am came out of the factory and started throwing stones at the factory building.

The workers also damaged two covered vans and a bus of the factory and set on fire a motorcycle and some furniture which they pulled onto the road.

The situation worsened after the police had reached the place as workers started throwing stones at them. However, police could control the situation later.

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