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Poor quality of English skill among students, stunned the nation

EnglishSince English is an international language skill in English is essential in this globalized world. People of the Indian sub continent started to learn English when East India Company started to rule here. Even after the colonial era English remained as an essential language in this part of the world.

For many years academics from top public universities have been saying that quality of English teaching is getting lower and lower. There are numerous books in university libraries but students are not using those simply because they don’t have the required skill in English.

New curriculum for English is introduced in secondary and higher secondary level but a renowned university teacher said in condition of anonymity that this new curriculum has worsened the situation.

This year’s public examination result was all time good in terms of statistics of the grade A+. Dhaka University is the oldest and most renowned university of Bangladesh and almost each and every student has dream to get admitted there.

Only top quality students in terms of higher secondary exam result are eligible to sit for admission test there. But the shocking information is only two students have managed to pass the admission test to get admitted in the English department. Dhaka university English department is considering to relax the condition now. Chairman of the English department has told to the media that this incident should be an eye opener for us; quality of English teaching has been a big concern for some years.

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