Popular actress and model Anny Khan says goodbye to showbiz

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Popular actress, model and presenter Anny Khan has decided to bring an end of her twenty-three years long career. She started her career as a child performer. In her long career, she acted in many TV serials and single episode TV dramas. She was also a popular model and presenter.

Talking to media, Anny Khan said she has been thinking to retire from showbiz for last one year. It took some time to wrap up everything including contracts for TV dramas. She said numerous TV viewers loved and appreciated her performance in her career of more than two decades, she is very grateful for that.

Present covid-19 pandemic has disrupted shooting and this is the right time to walk away from showbiz, Anny Khan added. She said 19th March was the last date of her shooting. No one has influenced her to take such a decision. In a Facebook video she says, ‘it’s only my self-realization. Each of us has to die, I have lost my father. We are losing many of our close colleagues and relatives. These have triggered self-realization. I am a Muslim. The more I am reading about this religion the more I am learning about the restrictions. So I am not staying in the showbiz arena anymore.’

This popular actress also requested her fans not to share her photos on social media anymore. Currently, she has contracts of five TV serials, which are being telecast on various TV channels. So she may need to continue acting for these TV dramas. But she has categorically mentioned, she is reluctant to perform on anymore and will concentrate on practicing religion.

Recently another popular actress Sumaiya Jafar Suzana also declared to walk away from showbiz.

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