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Sad demise of Tarek Masud has made a big hole in Bangladeshi media sector. Famous Bangladeshi film director Tarek Masud has just passed away from the world recently in an unfortunate road accident. The whole Bangladeshi media sector has become mourned by the shocking demise of Tarek Masud. Famous Celebrities from Bangladeshi media and film sectors has expressed their thinking about Tarek Masud.

Razzak, Film celebrity: I didn’t have that much close relation with Tarek. But by seeing his work, I got to understand about his talent. He was required in the time when our film sector is in danger period.

Raisul Islam Asad, Film Celebrity: Although I did not work in his film. But we were the walker of same track. I had good relation with Tarek Masud. I have lost language when I heard about the accident. He is the victim of Bangladeshi bad transportation system.

Joyonto Chattapaddhay, Film and Drama actor: I had 30 years journey with Tarek Masud. His sudden demise can not be adjusted in our film sector. He made a lot of shows of his film ‘Runway’ all over the country. He also made a documentary on terrible condition of our cinema hall business.

Abu Sayeed, Film maker: We were the co-warriors of making different type of film in Bangladesh. We were together for long time. He was a work lover. He always liked to maintain discipline in his work. He accumulated all his thought in the film of “Kagojer Ful”. But only one accident has done lot of damage to our film industry.

Anisul Haq, Writer and dramatist: He has given film an artistic shape to the new generation. He compelled people to rethink about the film. He was just announcing the social change through his film.

Rokeya Prachi, Film and Drama Celebrity: I can’t express what we have lost. I think, Bangladesh will not be able to fill up this loss in next 100 years. We are really unlucky to loose such a celebrity.

Tanvir Mokammel, Film Maker: Tarek Masud has reached Bangladeshi film in international level. He had very good patriotism and he shown it through his film. A lot of people go abroad to work. But how many people come back to home to serve the country? But Tarek Masud will live within us through his work.

Amitabh Reza, Film and Advertisement maker: I don’t want to talk about Tarek Masud. But I want to talk about the road and transportation systems of our country. These roads are becoming the killing trap for us. How many people we will loose by road accident?

Sara Zaker, Actress: He might have done some great work to change the society. ‘Matir Moyna’ and ‘Runway’ was the example of that.

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