Population 14.23cr

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Bangladesh’s race right divided stands during 14.23 crore, which is 1.8 crore some-more than the decade ago.

According to the preliminary

data of the ultimate supervision census, Bangladesh’s annual expansion rate is 1.34 pe


The rough inform says which some-more people right divided live in Bangladesh than in Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka as great as Singapore combined.

In the 2001 census, t

he nation had 12.43 crore people.

The rough commentary of the Population as great as Housing Census 2011 were suggested yesterday during the press discussion during the NEC Auditorium of Planning Commission in the capital.

However, experts as great as Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) officials contend which the sum could enlarge by 5 to 7 percent in the final report, which is approaching to be published this Sep after the array of corroboration as great as adjustments.

The commentary would be tested as great as scold by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) to safeguard which everybody has been counted.

According to the prelimi

nary results, Bangladesh is the third most populated nation in South East Middle East after India as great as Pakistan, which have 121.45 as great as 18.48 crore people, according to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) statistics.

The fifth census conducted in in between Mar fifteen as great as nineteen this year, has been subjected to assorted debates as great as controversies following contradictions with the bi-yearly projections of the United Nations Department of Economic as great as Social Affairs.

However, BBS officials claimed which the census is an scold thoughtfulness of the national consult condu

cted by starting residence to house.

The census reveals which the series of people in each domicile has decreased in the final 10 years, as family groups have turn smaller.

Current domicile distance is 4.4 persons compared to 4.8 in 2001 as great as 5.5 in 1991, the inform said.

Expectedly, race firmness of the nation additionally augmenting with 964 people vital in each block kilometre which

was 834 in 2001.

The gender imbalance in the nation has shrunk over the years.

According to the 2011 census, there have been 100.3 group for each 100 women, whilst it was 106.4 group for each 100 women in the 2001 census.

“This deserves some-more research. But the reason during the during the behind of of the direction could be which the lot of people have migrated to alternative countries over the years, as great as most of them were men,” pronounced BBS Director

General Shahjahan Ali Mollah in his display during the press conference.

The augmenting series of women is some-more distinguished in Barisal, Rajshahi, Rangpur as great as Sylhet districts, where women outnumber group by the little margin.

Dhaka stays as the most populated district in the nation with the towering 4.67 crore. In 2001 it was 3.9 crore, the inform says.

However, in the singular exception, race of

Barisal has thinned over the final 10 years. The district right divided has 81.4o lakh people vital in the district whilst it was 81.70 lakh in the final census, the inform added.

“The reason during the during the behind of of the race diminution in Barisal could be which most people have migrated to alternative districts due to the repeated cyclones as great as alternative healthy disasters in the region,” pronounced Mashiur Rahman, mercantile affairs confidant to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Ashim Kumar Dey, censu

s executive of BBS, pronounced there could be errors in the interpretation found in the census. “If there have been any errors in the rough results, they would be suggested in the PEC (post-enumeration check). As for the results, these have been what we found in the national survey,” he said.

Planning Minister Air Vice-Marshal (retd) A

K Khandaker was benefaction as the arch guest during the programme chaired by Chief Census Commissioner Riti Ibrahim. Yuki Suehiro, in-charge of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), additionally spoke during the programme.

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