Pori Moni’s name should rise at Guinness Book!

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Pori Moni HotStill have not released any movie already 23 movies have been earlier. Not only our country, there was no country in the world cannot imaging the event. So my name should rise at Guinness World Records.

At present famous actress Porimoni said, Before the release of her cinema she saw much to discuss and she surprise.

Pori moni they’ve already 23 movie shooting. Of the last two films. ‘Rana Plaza’ movie censor blocked. The ‘Pagla Deewana’ names were submitted to a movie recently sensor board. The film is to be released in January. The rest of the films in the works.

Pori said, she have a dream. She did nothing to fill it. When a child playing with dolls when I feel like I would marry the groom-wife ran away to marry. Still see the dream. Why not go to the thinker, but I will marry secret.

However, she said, the next 7/8 years after the wedding plans. Now just want to have remained at work. I want the future to those who will be acting as a take Idol.

The hero who played with the crowd that prefers straight forward answer to the name of Saimon Sadiq. He actually seemed more like working with Saimon. In the meantime, he worked with him.

Source: Pori moni’s Facebook page

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