PRAN turmeric powder is withdrawn from US market

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pranFoods and Beverage company PRAN has been marketing many of their food items in international market including the United States. Their products have BSTI approval as they are marketing here in Bangladesh. But when they are marketing in US they need FDA approval. They have found high level lead in turmeric powder and asked PRAN to withdraw it from US market.

Lead is a toxic element and may be deposited for a longtime in human body. It hampers physical and mental growth and also has a negative effect on learning process. It is dangerous for newborns and pregnant women.

In reply to this allegation PRAN officials are claiming that they didn’t use lead as additive. Soil of Bangladesh naturally contains lead in higher than normal level. Their turmeric powder is approved by BSTI, but US standard didn’t approve it. They are trying to find a solution of the problem. They are hopeful to resume turmeric powder export soon.

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