Price of gold increased in local market

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Due to an increase in gold price in international market local gold dealers have decided to increase the price of gold in the local market. The new price is in effect from Sunday.

The new price increment is about Taka 1500 per 11.664 gm. That is 22 carat gold sells at Taka 57,970 per 11.664gm which is Taka 55,404 for 21 carat gold and 18 carat is Taka 47,472. And locally made (Sanaton) gold ornaments sells at about Taka 36,000


The price of gold in international marmet is about 1,670 USD per ounce. Before Ramadan it was nearly 1,600.

Gold ornaments are very important in marriage ceremony of most of the people ofBangladesh. People of low income will face the problem of high price. Often electroplated ornaments are used instead of gold.

21 carat silver sells at nearly 1,500

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