Prigozhin's death leaves many unknowns and one assumption

Prigozhin’s death leaves many unknowns and one assumption

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An official announcement showed ten passengers on board the plane that crashed in the Tver region, northwest of Moscow.

Russia’s emergency ministry said “everyone on board was killed.”
Short biographies related to exiled businessman and opposition leader Mikhail Khodorkovsky published by the site Dossier.

Among them was Dmitry Utkin, Prigozhin’s heavyset, shaven-headed right-hand man, who was known to have neo-Nazi sympathies.

The dossier wrote, Utkin “was in charge of command and combat training, and signed orders with ‘Sieg'” – the German word for “victory” used in the Nazi “Sieg Heil” greeting.

Dozier said, he referred to Prigozhin himself as “Heil Petrovich”.

Another passenger, Valery Chkalov, was one of the directors of Prigozhin’s Concorde company and had been working for him since the early 2000s.

He supervised all of Wagner Boss’s civilian projects abroad, “whether geological prospecting, oil production or agriculture”, as well as the logistics of the mercenary firm, the dossier said.

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