Producers still owe 80 lac taka to actor Dildar

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Today the 13th July 2020 is 17th death anniversary of Dildar who was one of the most successful and popular actors in the history of the Bangladeshi film industry. He started acting in front camera when he was only 20 years old.

Dildar was a different type of actor. He was an unrivaled comedian in Bangladeshi films. With his unique talent, he always has drawn movie lovers to theaters. Producers always felled relived that only Dildar’s presence means box office success. As an actor, he was no less than a popular hero. Bangladeshi film industry still feel the vacuum of actor Dildar.

Being a popular actor in his 38-year long career Dildar was never arrogant. In many cases, fans were more interested to collect autograph from Dildar than other superstars.

Many Bangladeshi producers have a bad reputation for not paying actors. So Dildar usually took remuneration in advance. But he made exception for some close producers. Those producers owe about 80 lac taka to Dildar when he died. They never paid the money to Dildar’s family, even when his family was going through financial difficulties. Being a comedian Dildar did hero’s role in the film Abdullah. The contract was if the film succeeds, Dildar will get 10 lac taka. It was a box office success, but the producer never paid the money.

Now, this national film award winner actor is not even remembered in the Bangladeshi film industry. But he won the heart of Bangladeshi people, popularity of his films indicate they still love this gentleman.

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