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Cricket is one of the most entertaining sports of the world now a day. It is also called as game of honest human being. Different type of cricket has given cricket more touch to more people. Cricket is now generally played in 3 formats. Those are Test cricket, One Day International Cricket and T20 cricket. Each format of the cricket has its different expatiators to enjoy. Some people had a complain of consuming more time in cricket. But Cricket has also stopped the mouth of those people also. Because, T20 format of cricket had been introduced to stop the mouth of those people. It only takes 3 hours to be completed. As cricket was an aristocrat game only the aristocrat countries like England and Australia was involved in playing cricket in ancient period of cricketing era. But countries from different part of the world are now coming up in cricket. There are 10 permanent members of ICC (International Cricket Council). Those are Australia, South Africa, England, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Some associate members of ICC are coming up strongly in cricket. Those are Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland, Canada and Afghanistan. The biggest festival of cricket is ICC world cup.

“ICC world Cricket” is themed and developed to speak out the latest craze, information and interesting proceedings of Cricket from all over the world. It is an international Cricket website where all latest cricket news and scores are uploaded. So, keep in touch with us and enjoy the cricket.

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