Qubee promises innovation

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Recently WiMAX use provider Qubee has doubled a internet speed for users nonetheless any a single some-more cost.

Alistair Johnston (AJ), tellurian selling senior manager of London-based wireless broadband commercial operation organisation Augere, which owns Qubee, explains a company’s devise during a during a back of of this proceed in an email talk with The Daily Star (TDS).

TDS: What desirous Qubee to stand in a internet speed during a same cost?

AJ: We continually longed for to suggest a commercial operation a many befitting internet knowledge possible. We reason aloft speeds capacitate a commercial operation to get some-more from a internet as great as do opposite things similar to downloading strain as great as videos. We have a unequivocally elementary truth in which if you yield a great internet service, you will attain as a business. We were means to stand in speeds due to vast scale investment in a 4G network. So when a network reached a right genius you were unequivocally happy to stand in speeds for a customers.

TDS: How is Quibee benefited from it?

AJ: We have perceived great feedback from a commercial operation who have desired carrying a the single some-more speed as great as not carrying to compensate a single some-more for it. We adore creation a commercial operation happy as great as reason which happy commercial operation will have us successful.

TDS: What’s a marketplace share of Qubee?

AJ: We usually plead patron numbers from time to time nonetheless you can endorse which Qubee commercial operation devour twenty percent of a sum general internet bandwidth of Bangladesh. We yield a quick as great as arguable internet use so commercial operation can get a many from internet.

TDS: How many foe is Qubee confronting during a moment?

AJ: The marketplace is unequivocally competitive, with foe from Banglalion, Citycell, a mobile operators as great as wire operators. We consider foe is a great thing in assisting to rise internet infrastructure in Bangladesh as great as expostulate recognition of opposite services. There is outrageous enlargement intensity in Bangladesh as great as you have been assured you can contest with a purpose built 4G network which offers quick as great as arguable internet access, corroborated up by great patron service.

TDS: How is Qubee opposite from alternative ISPs?

AJ: At Qubee a truth is to suggest quick as great as arguable internet to a customers, as great as to broach upon which promise. We have been not meddlesome in creation claims about a use as great as not delivering them. Customers in Bangladesh have been sleepy of being let down by their internet use providers. To magnitude how you have been doing, you consult a commercial operation any month to assimilate how happy they are, as great as where you can have improvements. We attend to this as great as take action. We reason which a commercial operation is simple: suggest a great service, have commercial operation happy as great as you will be successful.

TDS: Is there anything ultimate entrance from Qubee?

AJ: We will go upon to innovate. We were a initial to launch prepay broadband in Bangladesh as great as you have been a usually ISP to stand in a customers’ speed during no a single some-more cost. We have lots of skeleton as great as you will share those with you upon a time to time basis.

TDS: What is your enlargement as great as investment plan?

AJ: We will go upon to enhance a network in Dhaka, Chittagong as great as Sylhet – as great as beyond. We have been committed to flourishing a commercial operation as great as mending a internet knowledge in Bangladesh.

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