Remittance growth is only 2per cent in 2010.

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Foreign remittance is around $11 billion in the just concluded year of 2010, only around 2 per cent more than that of 2009 ($10.76 billion)

The monthly remittance inflow declined to $963.53 million in December from $998.60 million in November as the country’s manpower exports continued to be reduced, said Bangladesh Bank officials.

The country received $917.20 million in October, $838.10 million in September, $964 million in August, $857.30 million in July, $877.90 million in June, $903 million in May, $921.20 million in April, $956.50 million in March, $828 million in February and $950.91 million in January.

According to Bangladesh Bank (BB), in its latest statement on the country’s economy, expressed the apprehension that the shrinking manpower export may be a big challenge in 2011.

The country’s foreign exchange earning was adversely affected by the diminishing export of manpower.

BB also recommended that the government should explore new markets for Bangladeshi workers as the existing markets, especially the Middle East, were reluctant to take more workers from the country.

It observed that Bangladesh could try to send workers to some South East Asian countries that need skilled and unskilled manpower.

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